SKY Logistic Solutions can take over the management of your supply chain. We can act as your purchasing agent. This is very convenient for Russian customers, who already have a number of foreign suppliers.

This arrangement allows us not to be restricted to only one import contract. You no longer need to complete a new contract with suppliers for each purchase!

In addition, logistics outsourcing allows flexible management of financial flows, and the major benefit of being able to close down your own logistics department, as well as significantly reduce the costs of customs clearance of goods for the Russian Federation. You can forget about most of Russian banking control restrictions too. With a complex delivery you do not have to formalize a separate CCD for the goods from each of your suppliers.

How does it work? – It’s very simple!
After signing the contract with SKY Logistic Solutions all your worries become ours!

Scheme of work:
• We start from the receipt of the invoice for the goods. And we take on all the worries of making payments and organizing the loading of the goods.
• The goods are stored at our own warehouse in Vilnius. We can perform all necessary operations such as packaging, consolidation, quality control.
• We will obtain the technical details ourselves and prepare all the necessary clarifications for getting certificates, etc.
• We will prepare all the necessary documents, including a certificate of conformity, without delay.
• We will present the goods to customs and go through clearance procedures.
• We will deliver the goods to the door in perfect condition, legally compliant and with a complete set of documents.

You can stop concerning yourself with your logistics and focus on development of your business!

We will take your worries on us!